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Rocío Dúrcal’s daughters say if they are “Team Shakira” or “Team Piqué”

The latest song from Shakira It continues to give people something to talk about, and now it was the sisters Shaila Durcal Y Carmen Morales (daughters of singers Rocio durcal Y Junior) who gave their opinion on the matter, during the interview they did on the Spanish television program “Afternoon plan”.

When questioned about whether they were “Team Shakira” or “Team Piqué”, Carmen said she was from the Colombian and Shaila from the soccer playeradding: “Well, I liked the Twingo. I’ve had an upbringing where my parents have always taught me to always keep that privacy of one’s life, share the things you want to share, obviously. But I believe that there is a point, a very thin barrier, that must not be crossed. You can make heartbreak songs, but I think I personally don’t like getting to that point.”

Carmen, for her part, said: “I loved it, (Shakira) is an empowered woman and has every right to complain.” In the broadcast, the sisters also remembered their famous parents, talked about the return of Shaila with a new album and the return to the stage of Carmen, who had abandoned her career as an actress for several years.

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