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Roberto Palazuelos will not talk about Andrés García anymore because it hurts him to see him in such bad shape

Days After expressing his support for Leonardo García for publicly denouncing that his father’s wife, Andrés García, was not providing adequate care to the 81-year-old actor, Roberto Palazuelos clarified that he will not speak anymore about the theme.

The actor and businessman who in show business is also known as The “Black Diamond” acknowledged feeling very sad to observe the deterioration in the health of the man who supported him at the time.

“It is a subject that I am not interested in touching anymore. Let the press know it well, It is a subject that hurts me a lot and with which I do not like to be in bickering. Out of respect I’m not going to touch it anymore“, he pointed.

The only thing that Palazuelos wants at this moment is that the veteran Mexican nationalized Dominican actor can find peace during the time that he continues in this plane, since his health is quite deteriorated as a result of cirrhosis, fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis that he suffers.

The only thing I wish you is a lot of light, a lot of blessings, that if you leave soon, you will go well with God. She had a wonderful life, a life like few would have had, it is sad and painful to see her suffering. For me it is painful, so out of respect I prefer not to talk about what is happening,” he stressed.

When questioned about the position assumed by Leonardo García in relation to his father’s will to leave most of his property and money to people who are not from his family, including Roberto Palazuelos, he refused to address the issue.

“I am not going to talk about Leonardo’s statements either because it is touching the same subject and it is a subject on which I do not want to comment, I ask that you respect it please,” he emphasized.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Andrés García’s fortune amounts to 10 million dollars.

Nevertheless, Earlier this year, the actor himself commented that he does not have as much cash as one might think, since most of what he earned acting he invested in buying real estate.

“There is no money either, what there is land and some other buildings that I am selling because at this time there is no money for anyone and there is no work for anyone, what they sell and what they can get is divided 20% each one,” he said.

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