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Roberto Palazuelos does not regret the life of excesses he experienced years ago

Surprisingly, Roberto Palazuelos Badeaux, shared some passages of his life during an interview with the television program The Minute that Changed my Destiny.

The 55-year-old actor and businessman recognized that during his youth he became a prey to some excesses and prohibited substancesall derived from inadequate people with whom he came to relate.

“I never really liked it. What happens is that I had bad friends that made me fall there. Bad friendships are the worst, bad friendships are always the ones that pull you down and by getting rid of that, I walked away from many friends“, he confessed.

However the black diamond he mentioned that it was his vanity that got him out of the hole he was getting into.

I was very vain and suddenly I began to see that I was very emaciated, I have also always been very empathetic with people and I began to become aloof, so I decided to put an end to my problem. Now, I almost don’t like the blowout, I almost don’t drink anymore because the hangovers last me three days,” he said.

Although his personal and acting growth is notorious, Palazuelos is faithful to his personality by making it clear that he does not regret his erroneous decisions from the past.

“I do not regret anything because thank God they are experiences that I lived at the time and now I am a very healthy, athletic and successful person… that is about 30 years old,” he stressed.

Despite being a coveted bachelor, Roberto Palazuelos wants to have a new partner, although it is clear that he does not want to know anything about marriage.

“Yes, I’m going to get back together and I want to have a little girl, but I don’t think I’m going to get married. I no longer believe in marriage, but I do believe in love. I feel like when you sign they kind of get sloppy a bit, it happened to me You sign and they no longer take good care of you or you no longer take good care of her, especially when the children come. So yes, I would like to get back together and have a partner, there is nothing more beautiful than being in love, ”she said.

Regardless of what many people think about Pazuelos. due to the pose assumed in front of the television, he describes himself as a person for whom the value of money is relegated to the background.

“Now that I have everything, I realize that the things that are worthwhile in life do not cost money… those are the beautiful things in life, one day I am going to leave this world, but now I dedicate myself to enjoying it to the fullest” , he concluded.

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