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Rituals to close all the cycles of 2022 and start 2023 with inner peace

Rituals can help us energetically close any cycle to start another free of any spiritual burden and the best time to carry them out is when we finish the current year.

2022 for was loaded with good and bad experiences, regardless of the path we have chosen, It is important to close all circles so as not to get stuck in the past.

Bad experiences cause negative feelings such as guilt, revenge, anger, anger, sadness and other emotions that we want to repress, but it is necessary to release them if we want to move forward.

As for good experiences, as they make us feel happy and positive, we want them to be repeated over and over again, however, it is necessary to treasure them and turn the page to make room for new adventures.

The last days of December 2022 are the best days to close all these cycles and for this we have selected 5 rituals that will help you release the past to start 2023 with inner peace.

1. Ritual of gratitude

write on a piece of paper a list of the good and bad things that happened during 2022. Thank each of the positive ones, the same with the negative ones. Of the latter, write down immediately the lessons they left you. When you’re done, light a white candle, the color of peace, and burn the sheet. Gather the ashes and go to a high place so that the wind blows them away.

2. Farewell ritual

This rite is ideal when you want say goodbye to a loved one who left this world in 2022 and his departure still hurts in your heart. Write a letter dedicated to that person, remembering the most positive experiences you had together, and if that is the case, tell him that you forgive him or forgive you. Dedicate the last paragraph to a thank you explaining why it was important in your life. Put the letter in an envelope and burn it in a campfire.

3. Ritual to eliminate grudges

If you hold a grudge against a person for having hurt you, this ritual is the one. According to AttitudeFem, you should write on a piece of paper the feeling you have towards that or those people. Do not limit yourself, the objective is to vent your anger without leaving details out.

Roll the sheet up like parchment and burn it. While it burns, take an object that represents that person and tell them that your cycle with them has ended. Be thankful for what you learned from her, finally, bury the ashes and the object.

4. Ritual to close cycles in love

Choose this ritual if you need closing the cycle of a friendship or love relationship and you want to release the feelings that you have stuck towards that person. You will occupy 4 candles: one white, one black, one of the color that you think represents you and another that represents the other person. If you doubt these colors, use white candles. Finally, you need a photo where they appear together.

Place all the materials on a small table or on the floor. Place the black candle in the East, the candle that represents you in the South, the white candle in the West, and the person’s candle in the North. Light each one in that order.

On the back of the photo, write the goal of the ritual as an affirmation (for example, I am grateful for the time we spent together and now I release you) and place it in the middle of the candles with the image facing the ceiling. He lights the image with the fire of one of the candles while you repeat the affirmation you wrote. Let the candles burn down completely.

5. Ritual to close any cycle

On a piece of cardboard paste images that remind you of that situation or person that you want to leave in the past. Add things you planned together or what would have happened if that situation had come true.

In a campfire or fireplace, burn the cardboard and light a white candle or incense. Imagine that the fire purifies your inner being and releases negative feelings.

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