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Rituals to attract abundance and love during the Worm Moon

The Worm Moon is full of positive energy waiting to be channeled towards growth projects in the human being.

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This is the appearance of the last full moon of winter, which the Native Americans called “Worm Moon”, this in allusion to the tracks left by the first worms of the season, which come to the surface after the thaw.

Under this situation, Seeing the earth’s natural satellite shine in all its splendor in the sky is still considered an omen of prosperity, as well as good harvests for agriculture.

Thus, It is recommended to get the most out of the lunar cycle that is about to emerge and nothing better than through a couple of simple rituals to do for one’s own benefit.

ritual of abundance

Since time immemorial, human beings have recognized the influence of the moon in their actions and therefore took advantage of the beginning of its cycle to carry out a mystical practice focused on guaranteeing abundance for the next few days.

Based on this, it is recommended that before nightfall where the moon will be seen in its maximum splendor, All work, financial and business project objectives that are intended to be achieved must be written on a white piece of paper.

Likewise, it will be necessary to have a yellow candle, a glass with water and salt inside, as well as three coins tied with a red ribbon.

The first step to follow will be to light the candle with the cup of liquid placed on its right side, as well as the coins and the paper where it was written.

For a few minutes, the person performing the ritual should visualize themselves wrapped in a golden color, successfully concretizing all the previously established objectives.

Right away, yesYou should thank the Moon for all your positive energy directed towards your personal interests.

From then on, you must wait for the candle to go out or burn out and when that happens, then you have to throw the water from the cup inside a pot or in a space with earth.

Regarding the paper with the writing and the coins, they should be kept in a personal drawer waiting for the objectives to be met.

ritual of self love

This ritual requires being in a quiet room with the windows closed. Before the moon is the protagonist of the night, it is necessary to set up an altar with a white candle, a mirror, a glass of water and a ceramic or clay container inside which there are some branches of rosemary and laurel, as well as a piece of charcoal to smoke.

Later, the candle and charcoal will be lit to burn the herbs with the purpose of purifying the environment.

After, with eyes closed, the person should visualize themselves surrounded by a white color.

Then, It will be necessary to repeat the following mantra three times: “Full Moon, give me all your powerful strength to learn from my mistakes, to make the right and beneficial decisions, and to trust me. Thank you thank you thank you”.

Finally, it is necessary to wait for the candle and the coal to go out before opening all the windows in the room.

It should be noted that the burned branches go directly to the trash and the water from the cup will be poured into a pipe where it can run.

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