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Rituals for the full Harvest moon: prepare for a new season

The full moon of September 2022 tells us that autumn is coming And if you want to celebrate the closing of another lunar cycle by releasing everything that no longer works in your life, such as negative emotions, relationships or projects, and manifest what you want to attract for the beginning of a new season, we tell you how to take advantage of its energy .

Each change of season is the opportunity to analyze what we want to leave behind and hold on to what has worked for us. The Full Harvest Moon, which always occurs before the fall equinox, can help us release the extra weight we carry..

However, there are times when we do not know exactly what things we have to let go of and for this we can resort to rituals. Here we show you some that can be very useful to prepare for the arrival of autumn and the Libra season..

Rituals for the Harvest Moon

Make a list of achievements

The Harvest Moon represented the time when farmers harvested their final crops that repaired them for low temperatures. In the same way, we we can make a list of all the achievements that we have “harvested”as explained by experts in a Hello Higgles article.

Take advantage of the energy of the full moon to write all your successes, however small they may be. Then write in another column what you want to accomplish in the next season. Since this lunation occurs in Pisces, it won’t be that hard to write down your big dreams. The magic of the ritual consists in keeping in mind and at hand it is ready to remember your goals.

Ritual of liberation and manifestation

For this ritual you will need incense, tea, a white candle, pencil and paper. Write on a sheet of paper any goals you want to accomplish before the end of the year. Now write down all the things that you no longer want in your life or obstacles that you want to disappear.

Light the incense and the white candle. Now boil water and prepare a tea, whichever is of your choice. Find a quiet place, and in the moonlight, drink it. As you enjoy it, silently go through the list of objectives and things you want to release.

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