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Rituals for Sagittarius: attract health, money and love

If you were born between November 21 and December 20, your zodiac sign is Sagittarius. And precisely now the Sun is passing through the land of this constellation, which means that you are in your season of shine. Did you know that you can take advantage of this extra dose of cosmic energy to attract what you want most?

When the star king “touches” a sign of the zodiac, we say that it is its astrological month, this means that its spirit influences the other signs, but since the Sun governs the brightest personality, it is more powerful for people who are of that sign.

In the case of Sagittarius, your ruling planet is Jupiter, ruler of luck and prosperity. Being the largest in the Solar System, it expands everything it touches. You are a fire sign so you are energetic, impetuous, passionate and optimistic, and all this vibe is coming to you with full hands.

Take advantage of your astrological month to do some of the following rituals to attract health, money and love.

Sagittarius ritual for health

East protection ritual It serves to protect you from any negative threat. You will need 3 oranges, cinnamon essential oil, 1 white candle and 7 cloves.

Bring to a boil in a medium saucepan the juice of the 3 oranges, the 7 cloves and a dash of cinnamon essential oil. Let it rest for a few minutes and when it is at a comfortable temperature for your body, take a shower and at the end pour this mixture over yourself.

When leaving the bathroom, light a white candle with a match and say a prayer. Esoteric Office recommends reciting one dedicated to Saint Michael the Archangel.

Sagittarius ritual for money

For this ritual you will need: 1 white candle, 9 bay leaves, 9 coins of the same denomination, sugar, incense and an extended plate.

Place the white candle on the plate and light it with a match. Now surround it with the 9 bay leaves and put a coin on top of each one; sprinkle the sugar all over the plate and the candle.

Light an incense to eliminate bad energy and purify your energy. Concentrate and make a prayer asking for economic prosperity. If you wish, you can recite Psalm 23 of the Bible or some mantra, recommended WeMystic.com, author of this ritual.

Leave the candle lit in a safe place and when it is finished put the bay leaves under a leafy tree and buy something that gives you joy with the 8 coins. Reserve a coin and on the ninth day give it to a person who thanks you for something.

Sagittarius ritual for love

Gather 7 red roses and a container of tap water. Remove all the petals from the roses and put them in the bowl of water. Before you go to bed, leave the container out in the open to catch the morning dew.

When you get up and go to bathe, pour this water over yourself; if it is very cold you can warm it up a bit. The Esoteric Consultation portal recommends that you recite this phrase when you bathe with the petal water: “Love is close to me and will accompany me during this new life cycle.”

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