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Rituals for Christmas 2022: use the Christmas tree to fulfill your wishes

The Christmas tree is the central axis of the meetings that we will have with family and friends, near it the most memorable memories will pass by witnessing the exquisite dinner, hugs, congratulations, as well as the delivery of gifts. Our Christmas pine will receive a lot of positive energy and we can take advantage of it to boost our wishes for 2023.

Christmas and New Year’s rituals have a special meaning because they keep our hope and faith, in them we place the trust to start the year in the best way and discard all the negative things that happened to us in 2022.

Then, We leave you some rituals that you can do in your Christmas tree to fulfill your wishes for 2023. You can do all of the ones that we review or choose the one that you like the most, for this there is no limit.

to attract money

This ritual is simple and consists of Put 3 shiny coins in a little red bag or sack. At the time of doing so, visualize that there you keep all your desires associated with money, then hang the sack as if it were one of your spheres. According to AdMagazine.com, at the end of the season, that is, when you remove your tree, spend them. Add one coin per year that you repeat this ritual, and when you collect 12, exchange the sack for a small chest that you must put under the tree.

To ward off bad energy

Get a garlic, separate the cloves and put them in a plastic or cloth bag along with a sprig of rue. Hang this bag on your tree and when the celebrations are over, burn the bag and throw the remains away from home.

ritual of wishes

For this fun ritual you will have to cut a sheet of paper in the form of strips and write a wish on each of them. Number each wish in even numbers (ie start with 2, 4, 6 and so on) and keep them inside a yellow envelope.

Place this envelope on the Christmas tree, at the end of the season, keep it in a place where only you know it is, but keep it in mind throughout the year. At the end of 2023, review how many wishes you fulfilled, then burn the strips to make way for new wishes.

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