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Ritual with salt and vinegar to change your luck in 24 hours

Energy blockages can cause things not to flow as we expect. This is popularly known as having bad luck, but a simple ritual with salt and vinegar can turn your life around for the better and start receiving prosperity in 24 hours.

The combination of these powerful elements will make any bad energy that gravitates in your house and energy field is neutralized. Once it is removed, you will feel things start to flow again and everything will fall into place as you expected.

Salt is esoterically a powerful element that absorbs all kinds of negative energy, while vinegar is responsible for spiritually cleaning your auric field and repelling toxic vibes from other people.

How to do the ritual with salt and vinegar?

The only ingredients that we are going to use to carry out this spiritual cleansing is water, coarse salt and vinegarwhatever you have at home.

Begin by pouring halfway water into a glass, then add a dash of vinegar and two tablespoons of coarse salt.

The next step is to raise your vibe, this is done by thinking about positive things until your emotional state improves. You can help yourself with the prayer of your choice such as a Hail Mary or Our Father.

Bring your two hands closer to the glass without touching it, the goal is to channel your spiritual light into the ritual. Repeat an affirmation of protection such as “I am completely protected”, “I have confidence in myself” or “my energy protects me and I am a being of light”. Whichever is your preference.

Now cover the glass with a plate and place it in your room near your bed or under it. Leave it until you feel everything is improving in your life, when you decide to remove it, pour the water down the toilet.

You can do this simple ritual any day of the week, at any time and as many times as you consider necessary, commented on the YouTube channel Aida Espiritual.

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