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Ritual with rosemary and laurel to have money every day

A ritual with rosemary and laurel can help you have money every day. These two plants, widely used to season delicious dishes, have energetic characteristics that are associated with fortune and prosperity.

Rosemary symbolizes fidelity, so it is a plant that is in tune with constancy and firmness.. In the rituals for money, it stimulates our responsibility with work and activities that give us profit. For its part, laurel is an excellent repellent of bad energies and is associated with success, power, and achievement.

When these two elements are combined in rituals, they attract success in money. However, to have prosperity you have to make an effort, because the achievements will not come alone.

The ritual that we show you below has rosemary and laurel as its main ingredients, but it also includes other elements that will enhance its esoteric properties.

Ritual to have money every day

The famous astrologer Mizada Mohamed, who shared this recipe on her YouTube channel, detailed how to do this money ritual. First we must gather the materials, which consist of dried rosemary leaves, bay leaves, brown sugar and ground cinnamon.

On a crescent moon, touch each of the ingredients with your index finger to capture your energy. for this you should think of positive things associated with money. For example, the figure you would like to see in your bank account, visualize many coins and bills in your hands, etc.

Now take a clay plate, put inside a pinch of dried rosemary, brown sugar, cinnamon powder and finally add the bay leaves.

Place the container in the kitchen or dining room, where you will see it daily, but preferably on top of a piece of furniture or cabinet. According to Mizada, this simple ritual will ensure that money is never needed in your home.

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