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Ritual with lemon and salt to neutralize the bad energy of envious people

When your success as a result of your efforts, luck or simple presence does not go down well with others and you are a victim of envy and gossip, a simple ritual with lemon and salt can help you neutralize those bad energies.

The negative vibe of envious people can cause you a feeling of discomfort and heaviness. You may wonder if you did something to receive so much hate. The reality is that we are surrounded by people who are bothered by our triumphs, which is why it is important to learn to neutralize these energies.

Any energy cleansing ritual is effective, however, the one that we will teach you next has been inherited from generation to generation. It is a homemade recipe that cuts envy immediately, regardless of whether it comes from family, friends or enemies.

The materials needed for this ritual are: a lemon, a glass of water, 7 pins with heads, kitchen salt, a sheet of paper, a pencil and a round plate.

How to do the ritual step by step?

With a knife, cut the lemon crosswise, that is, horizontally and vertically without reaching the end and so that it remains united in all its parts.

The second step is to cut a piece torn from the sheet of paper with your hands. Do not use scissors, the goal is that your energy is captured on paper. With the pencil write down the name of the people who envy youIf you don’t know their names, just write down this phrase “for all the people who envy and hate me”.

Fold the paper 3 times and put it in the center of the lemon cut in the shape of a cross. Make sure that the piece of leaf is well attached, then squeeze the citrus with your hands so that the acidity permeates the essence of those people and they stop bothering us.

The next step is to put the 7 pins into the lemon, you can do it anywhere in the lemon making sure that the parts join each other and stick to the paper.

Now take the lemon in your hands and ask God the Father and Saint Michael the Archangel to protect you from envy and calm all the people who hate you.

When you’re done, put the lemon in the glass with water and add 3 tablespoons of salt. Place the round plate on top of the glass, then with one hand grab the glass and with the other press the plate; turn it quickly, the glass has to be turned over with the water and the lemon inside.

Place your hands on the sides of the plate and repeat this prayer: “Just as I have to turn this glass with water and salt, so all the envy, hatred or evil that this person has towards me is turned.”

To end, put the ritual in a corner of your house for 7 daysthen throw the lemon in the trash without touching it, you can help yourself with a plastic bag, and throw the water down the toilet.

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