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Ritual with laurel to get a job and new opportunities

When you need to get a job, that you do well in a job interview or new opportunities come into your life and you want an extra push from the universe, we can turn to the laurel.

The energy of this plant is tune in to triumph and successso using it in your professional career can bring you closer to your goals and open the doors of prosperity.

for hundreds of years The laurel has been considered a symbol of power and protection.For example, the Romans placed laurel wreaths on emperors because it symbolized leadership, wisdom, and even thought it gave them the gift of clairvoyance.

Therefore, the energy of this herb is perfect to achieve great feats, you just have to know how to extract its esoteric powers. We selected a ritual with which you can take advantage of its energy charge to succeed at work or opportunities come to you immediately.

Ritual with laurel to get work and new opportunities

The ritual is simple to perform, but you will need a few ingredients in addition to the bay leaf. Get a handful of sea salt and a handful of rice, as well as a green candle, 3 bay leaves and a green cloth bag.

With the salt, make a circle on the ground or on a flat surface like a table, and place all the other ingredients inside.

The next step is to engrave, with a toothpick or pin, your name on the candle from the wick to the base. Then, in the same way write down a short affirmative phrase that is associated with your main objective, for example “I get the job I want”.

Light it with a match and place it in the center of the circle of salt, on the left side put a little pile of salt and from the right the 3 bay leaves.

Visualize that your wish is fulfilled and feel the emotions you experience when imagining you reach that goal.

Let the candle burn down completely, then in the green bag put the 3 bay leaves and a small amount of rice. Wear it as your lucky charm until May you see your wish come true.

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