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Ritual with garlic: discover how to use its powers to ward off envy

One of the best known spiritual properties of garlic is to ward off envy. Since ancient times this ingredient, widely used in the culinary arts, was used as a symbol of protection and to date it is widely used in rituals against negative energies.

Because of its strong taste and smell, Garlic is said to have a powerful effect in neutralizing curses, spells and the evil eye..

Envy is a negative feeling that can motivate a person to want another to do badly, causes frustration at the successes of others and rejoices at the failures. This negative energy can also be counteracted with garlic.

Next, we tell you how to do a simple ritual with garlic to ward off bad energy from envious people.

Ritual with garlic against envy

This ritual is in the category of protection. The intention is not to change the feeling of the person who is envious, but to create a protective shield to repel the bad vibes caused by this feeling.

According to We Mystic, author of this ritual, you will need the following ingredients: a clove of garlic, dried mint leaves, parsley leaves, a white bag and a red bow.

Place all the ingredients inside the white bag and tie it with the red bow or ribbon. While doing the procedure, visualize all the good things you have in your life, thus generating positive energy and this will serve to neutralize the negative.

Now place the white bag in the place where you feel envy is. For example, if it’s at work, hide it in one of your desk drawers. If you think it came from family or visitors, place it at the front door. Similarly, you can carry it in your wallet, bag or backpack as a protective amulet.

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