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Ritual with cinnamon, rice and rosemary to attract money in one day

A ritual with three basic kitchen ingredients can help you attract money in one daythe only materials you will need are cinnamon powder, a handful of rice and a few sprigs of rosemary.

It is an amulet that you will carry with you whenever you are going through a pressing economic moment, if you want to obtain more income to pay off a debt or you are about to receive money and you do not want negative energy to spoil it.

Rice is synchronized with the energy of prosperity and abundance, cinnamon attracts good luck and rosemary is a powerful element to break and ward off bad energy.

Other materials you will need are a pen with green or red ink, an envelope, and a small sheet of paper.

How to prepare the ritual step by step

Start by lighting an incense, whatever you prefer, to purify the environment and work space. If you want to add more mysticism to the ritual, light a white candle. Remember to light these two elements with a wooden match.

With green or red ink, write on the sheet the amount of money you need for the day. It must be in accordance with reality, that is, to cover the expense or debt that you require for that very moment.

On the opposite side, write down your full name and date of birth; this is required to personalize the ritual. Take the paper and rub it with your hands to activate it with your energy; at this moment think of positive things, visualize that the amount you wrote is in your hands.

Fold the paper 3 times and put it in the envelope. With your dominant hand take a handful of rice and save that as well, then add a pinch of cinnamon and the rosemary sprigs. Seal the envelope with any glue.

If it is daytime, keep the envelope in your wallet or pants bag as if it were your amulet. If you did the ritual in the afternoon, place it under your pillow and take it with you the next day.

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