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Ritual with cinnamon and bay leaf to multiply your money in a few days

A simple ritual with cinnamon and bay leaf can help you multiply your money in a few days. Both elements have energetic properties capable of boosting your financial desires, including the power of attraction and success.

Cinnamon is widely used spiritually as protection and attraction. For example, it is believed that a single twig serves as an amulet against negative energies, it is enough to bring it in your pocket, and if you put it in your wallet you can have more luck with money.

The laurel symbolizes triumph and wisdom.It is also said to be one of the plants that has the power to stimulate our clairvoyant and psychic gifts. In esotericism it is used in purification rituals, to drive away evil and attract fortune.

What happens when we put these two powerful tools together? If we know how to channel the magical properties of cinnamon and laurel, we will be able to obtain a powerful source of attraction for our desiresone of them multiply money faster than you imagine.

Cinnamon and bay leaf ritual to multiply money

If you are going through a financially difficult time that makes you feel frustrated, you feel that you are not moving forward, money is not working, go to this simple ritual. Just remember not to do it when you feel negative, but in a moment that you feel happy to have better results and when the sun is at its highest, that is, at noon.

You will need to a tablespoon of cinnamon powder, two bay leaves and your right shoeMake sure that it is one of the ones that you use the most, that it does not look worn and is clean. Remember that dirt is associated with negative energy.

Place two bay leaves inside the shoe, push them to the tip. Put ground cinnamon in the spoon and introduce it too and sprinkle. Cinnamon will stain your shoes and socks a bit, but over time it will wear off and the advantage is that it will smell quite pleasant.

The next day, wear that pair of shoes, but you must put on the right one first, that is, the one you used for the ritual. When you take off your shoes, remove the bay leaves, throw them in the trash and place 2 new leaves, recommended the YouTube channel Aida Espiritual.

Do this procedure for 7 daysin the eighth, no longer put bay leaves and clean the cinnamon that was left inside the shoe.

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