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Ritual to ward off problematic neighbors

At home, the only thing you want is to have peace, tranquility and privacy, unfortunately, we do not choose the neighbors who touch us so, If we have the misfortune to live with problematic people, harmony is broken. A ritual can help us regain balance and drive away your bad energy.

It’s about a white magic spell that is intended to calm problematic neighbors to keep them at bay from us, that is, to mind their own business and stop meddling in our lives.

The bad energy of the neighbors it disturbs the healthy coexistence not only in the neighborhood, it can interfere inside the house. This manifests itself through discussions between family members or people who share a roof. In addition, it causes tension at home and we do not want to spend time there.

What ritual to do to drive away problematic neighbors?

This ritual is not intended to drive those people out of the neighborhood, rather, dislodge your negative energy and create a kind of circle of protection to prevent them from continuing to cause us harm.

Many times envy is what triggers the bad vibes of the neighbors, who cannot see that we prosper or have a beautiful and clean home. So this rite, suggested by spiritual advisor Padme Vidente in a video on TV Azteca’s YouTube channel, attacks the problem from that perspective.

You need a glass jar with a lid, a black ribbon, a red down, salt and a black quartz like obsidian or black tourmaline.

Black is a color that in white magic rituals works as a sponge for negative energies, it is not to cause harm, so you don’t have to worry.

On the black ribbon, write down with the marker the first and last name of those problematic neighbors. If you don’t know their last names, just the first name. If you don’t even know their names, write down their address and put “the person who lives in…”.

Take the ribbon with your two hands that is vertical and begin to roll from top to bottom. The folds do it outwards, that is, that the roll is formed with the back face facing the front.

Put the roll in the glass jar, add a generous handful of salt and say out loud “your bad energy will not continue to harm me”. Cover the jar and place it next to the black candle, which you must light with a match. Ask the angels and beings of light to be invisible to those people.

Place the black quartz on top of the jar and when the candle runs out, put it in. Finally, place the container on the ground in a corner where it does not get in the way, so the universe will understand that you want to forget about them.

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