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Ritual to receive the answer you want to a piece of news you anxiously await

The uncertainty of not knowing the news can generate anguish, stress and anxiety. We all hope that the result will go in our favor. There is a ritual that can help you receive the answer you want.

You can apply this recipe if you are going to receive the result of an exam, analysis, a legal opinion, a negotiation, an email from work or any news that you are looking forward to. The mental strength that will be reflected in the tools of this ritual will allow you to obtain a positive response for yourself, As the famous astrologer Mizada Mohamed commented, in a video she posted on her YouTube channel.

In addition, he commented that you can apply it if you want to obtain answers to situations that you do not understand, worry, bother or do not know where to start.

The ritual can be done at any time of the day, but keep in mind that you have to do it for 3 days in a row. The materials you will need are:

An envelope
A sheet of paper
Orange, gold or yellow ink pen
orange candle

How to do the ritual to get good news step by step

Step 1: choose a calm moment in the day and where nothing interrupts you. With a match light the orange candle.

Step 2: with the pen write down the date and write as accurately as possible what answer you want to get or what you need to know. At the bottom place your signature.

Step 3: read aloud what you wrote down, when you finish put out the candle with your wet fingers.

Step 4: Fold the letter in half, put it in the envelope and keep it under your pillow.

step 5: the next morning take out the letter, light the orange candle and read aloud again what you wrote. When you finish, blow out the candle and put the letter back on your pillow.

Step 6: repeat the previous step 3 days in a row. The astrologer commented she said that, if you want to have more strength in this ritual, you should wear a yellow garment or accessory during the 3 days that you make this recipe.

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