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Ritual to protect you spiritually from your enemies

If someone has been attacking you for a long time, talking behind your back, betraying you and looking for ways to deceive you again, conspiring against you, openly wishing you ill, or doing whatever they can to make you feel bad, chances are they will hurt you. Consider an enemy.

The word “enemy” is profoundly strong, the Royal Spanish Academy defines it as “someone who has ill will towards another person”. Perhaps you consider that you have no enemies, unfortunately there will be those who do classify us that way.

We cannot influence the will of these people, but we do have it in our hands to prevent their bad energies from damaging us.. The ritual that we will teach you next is precisely to protect you spiritually from those who point to you as an enemy.

According to the site specialized in esotericism and author of this ritual, Hechizo.net, It can also be used if you want protection for a third partyFor example, if your partner, children or parents have enemies and you want to prevent them from harming them.

The goal of this ritual is not to “flip” the negative energy or return the damage, but to lock up the bad vibe and make it disappear.

The materials that we are going to use are:
– A glass container with a lid
– A sheet of paper
– A black ink pen
– kitchen salt
– Vinegar
– A white candle
– Scissors

Ritual of protection against enemies step by step

Before doing the ritual you should take into account some recommendations. You will have to do it on a crescent or full moon and start after 7 at night. Once you have everything ready, follow these steps:

Step 1Light the white candle with a wooden match and thank the universe, spiritual guides or angels for the protection they will give you. If the spell is for a third person, before lighting the candle with a needle, write their full name horizontally. It starts at the base and ends at the wick.

Step 2: With the scissors cut the sheet of paper into strips and on each of them write the name of the person or people from whom you want to protect yourself. Use your intuition to cut the necessary number of strips. If you don’t know the name or you don’t know who is hurting you, write “every enemy who wishes me harm”.

Step 3: roll each strip in the form of parchment and insert them into the paper bottle.

Step 4: take the white candle and put 7 drops of wax in the bottle. Add salt until it reaches half and then 7 drops of vinegar.

Step #5: cover the bottle and leave it near the candle. When the candle has been consumed, put the bottle in the freezer for 7 days.

When the days suggested in the ritual have passed, take out the bottle and throw it in a container or trash can away from your home.

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