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Ritual to predict the winning numbers of any lottery

Winning the lottery is a long shot and since time travel hasn’t been invented yet, it’s impossible to know what numbers will make us the next millionaires, however, a ritual can help you predict some of them.

When we’ve tried everything and none of the figures we chose are even close to the winning combination, make this recipe in which you will only need a pencil and paper.

This ritual works for any lottery regardless of the town where you are. The most important thing is to do it with positive energy and faith, that is, convinced that it will help you hit the prize.

Ritual to predict the lottery numbers

The spell must be performed prior to choosing the winning numbers because Its purpose is to show you which ones have the best chance of being drawn.

With your hands, cut a rectangle from the white sheet of paper. Do not use scissors, because the idea is to synchronize your energy with that of the element you use, so do not worry if it looks asymmetrical.

Now with the pencil or pen write the numbers you would choose on the ticket. Here it is important to write down the number of figures according to the rules of the draw that you will play, for example, if you are asked for a combination of 6 figures from 1 to 60, write down the ones that your intuition dictates.

The next step is to say a prayer. In a video from the YouTube channel Shangó Omobá, an expert in spells, the following is recommended: “In the name of the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, give me a beneficial dream about these numbers. Angel from heaven, help me. Thanks”.

Now draw 3 crosses at the top of the rectangle and 3 crosses at the bottom of the rectangle. Now repeat the same prayer that you recited in the previous step.

At night when you go to sleep, put the paper under your pillow. The ritual will cause you to dream of the numbers that will be drawn from the combination you chose.

If you did not dream of any, it means that the chosen ones will not be drawn and you will have to repeat the ritual. You may only dream of 1, 2 or 3 of the ones you wrote on the paper, in that case, you should choose them because they will have a better chance of being the lucky ones.

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