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Ritual to fulfill your dreams with the last full moon of 2022

The last opportunity to close cycles and manifest our desires is offered by the universe this Wednesday, December 7 when the cold full moon in Gemini appears in the sky.

Each lunar phase has an astrological significance, the full moon marking the end of the moon cycle, is ideal to thank the universe for everything it gave us during the period that ends. In this final part it is recommended to close circles and recharge ourselves with energy to start a new cycle with all the cosmic positivity.

What we will witness this week it is more significant because it is the last of 2022so we not only close a lunar cycle, but a complete calendar year.

Take advantage of this energy to perform the following ritual that will help you manifest your dreams for 2023.

Ritual to fulfill your dreams with the Cold Full Moon

To perform this ritual you only need 3 things: a white candle, a pen and a sheet of paper in white. Once you have these elements, go to a quiet place, where you feel relaxed and nobody bothers you.

on the sheet of paper write your biggest dreams and desires; Make sure that they are not only material, but also that they help you grow personally, for example, be a better husband, brother, son, etc., perhaps you intend to improve your character, have more confidence in yourself, that is, whatever comes from from inside you

With a match light the white candle and meditate a little on what you just wrote down on the paper. Now read your dreams out loud, then visualize them as having already come true.

The next step is to fold the sheet of paper in half and leave it under the candle until it burns down completely. If you leave the house, don’t forget to turn it off and on again to continue the ritual.

Finally, keep the paper in a safe place, that is, where only you have access and whenever you feel insecure or removed from your dreams, take it out and read it out loud. This ritual suggested by Mui.Today will help you get on track with your goals for the coming year.

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