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Ritual to close the 2022 cycle and release all stagnant energy

The end of the year is the perfect time to carry out a cycle closing ritual to energetically say goodbye to 2022 and make space in your life to receive the blessings that will come with 2023.

This rite that you will learn below is not like the classic year-end rituals, which serve to attract prosperity in love, health and money, but to free yourself from emotions that are stagnant product than difficult situations that you experienced in the year such as the loss of a loved one, a heartbreak, a big argument, having made a bad decision, etc.

Why should you do a cycle closing ritual at the end of the year?

The most powerful energy moment to close cycles is the end of a year. The energies that exist in the cosmos are in tune with the farewells, but at the same time, they come to us with an air of illusion and hope to open a new chapter in the best way.

No one wants to start a new year loaded with bad energy, that’s what this ritual is for that will help you close any cycle.

Ritual to close the 2022 cycle

The materials that we are going to use for this ritual are: a white candle, a quartz, pencil, a sheet of paper and petals of a white rose.

When you have gathered all the elements, prepare a small altar in a room where no one will disturb you. With a match, light the candle and bring to mind each and every one of the cycles you wish to close.

Now write a letter dedicated to all those situations that you want to release, for example, saying goodbye to a deceased loved one, closing the cycle with an ex-partner, forgiving someone who hurt you or yourself after a bad decision, etc. Use these lines to express all the emotions you have stored.

Once you’re done, fold the card in four while saying out loud “I forgive you, I forgive myself and I am grateful for everything I learned from you and I have learned from myself”.

Burn the letter with the flame of the candle, gather the ashes and you must throw them into the toilet so that they go down the pipe.

The next part of the ritual is to boil the white flower petals in a large pot, let it rest for about 15 minutes, then go to the shower and after your usual bath, pour this concoction over your body and let it dry naturally.

Do not forget to carry your quartz with you throughout the ritual and if you wish, you can light an incense while you perform the second part of this rite to create a more positive environment.

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