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Ritual salt bath: the easiest and fastest way to eliminate bad luck

One of the fastest and easiest ways to eliminate bad luck, remove blockages and negative energies are ritual salt baths. This recipe is ideal at times when you feel that nothing is going your way, things get stuck, you are in a bad mood all the time due to bad energy or you want to clean your aura.

You can also do it after a stressful day at work, after an argument, you are anxious about news that you are expecting, or you feel heavy shoulders and back.

The main element of the ritual is salt, but you will have to get all 3 types, that is, cooking salt, Himalayan or pink salt, and grain or sea salt.

Fill a large glass, plastic, or ceramic container with water, making it the equivalent of a gallon.

Empty the 3 salts into the water regardless of the order and mix with a wooden spoon in a clockwise directioni.e. to the right. Do this procedure until the salts dissolve. Himalayan salt may take a little longer.

Place both hands in the container and say your name 3 times out loud and the reason why you will take this ritual bath. At this point you can make the prayer of your choice.

Take a shower like you normally do, but before you towel off, use a smaller container to pour little by little the water with salts on your body with emphasis on your neck, back, joints and feet. Let it dry for 1-3 minutes, then rinse the residue off with water from the shower.

The effect of the ritual is immediate, that is, you will be able to feel how your energy feels lighter since the salts have removed all the negative.

This ritual bath should be done whenever you feel that you have a lot of negative charge, as explained by the Mystic Tarot YouTube channel, and it is not recommended to do it very often. The ideal is to do once a month or every 3 months and on important dates such as your birthday, anniversaries or New Year.

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