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Ritual of putting money in the shoe: what is it for and what are its results

What do millionaires or lucky people do to be successful? Although prosperity depends on many factors, fortune can be one of them and if you want the universe to be on your side, one of the rituals that will help you have good results is put money in your shoe.

Some recipes to attract money need to be carried out on the first days of the month or on New Years, such as the ritual of the laurel in the shoe, however, the goodness of this method is that you can do it at any time you want.

You can perform the money in the shoe ritual, for example, when you want a salary increase, find a job, a job interview, to cover your expenses or if you want to have more money in your life.

Whatever your goal associated with money, the most important thing is to do it with faith and positive energy, according to the expert Aida Espiritual in a video she posted on her YouTube channel.

The first thing we must do is light an incense, the one of your choice, to purify your environment and start vibrating high. If you wish, also light a white candle, which will help you connect with the magical or spiritual.

The shoe we need must be comfortable, that you wear regularly as it will become a lucky charm, and it has to be from your right foot. The banknote that we will insert has to be active, that is, be in circulation regardless of the value.

Try to do this ritual alone and in private to prevent external energies or other people from influencing your intentions. Also, do it calmly and without haste.

Take the bill with both hands and visualize your intentions in the present tense, that is, as if they were being fulfilled at this moment. Fold it symmetrically into 3 parts and tuck it up to the tip of the shoe inside.

The next day, wear that pair of shoes, putting on the one with the ticket first. When you get up, kick your right foot 7 times and repeat the following 7 times: “I am an inexhaustible source of income.” Do this procedure for 7 days in a row.

According to Aida Espiritual, this way you will activate the powerful energy of the universe and if you do it properly, you will begin to see the results quickly. After the 7 days, use the ticket for something you need, while the shoe will become your lucky charm.

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