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Ritual of Mhoni Vidente so that August is your lucky month

August 2022 could be your lucky month where you could attract prosperity, abundance, close important projects or have health, money and love. The astrologer Mhoni Seer revealed the ritual we must do so that fortune is on our side.

The psychic, famous for her predictions and spells, commented that this recipe must be done exactly on August 1.

The materials that we will use are: 1 white or coconut candle, a jar filled with water, sandalwood, coconut or cinnamon incense; coconut soap, cinnamon or open paths; 3 bills, one dollar, another 5 dollars and the third 10 dollars; a glass of tequila, rum or mezcal; powdered cinnamon, your favorite perfume, pathfinder lotion, brown sugar, purple glitter, and a plate lined with aluminum foil.

Ritual for August step by step

Step 1: when you go to bathe, do it with coconut soap, cinnamon or open paths. Mhoni Vidente emphasized that you only anoint your body with this product, that is, you should not use shampoo, conditioner or any other soap. He suggested using it until it runs out.

Step 2: in the shower, spray the 3 bills with your personal perfume and the lotion opens paths. When you get out of the bathroom, pass the bills all over your body while you think about abundance and stability.

Step 3: Put the bills in the jar with water.

Step 4: place the candle on top of the plate lined with aluminum foil, perfume it with your lotion and the path opener. Now sprinkle with the cinnamon powder, brown sugar and the golden glitter.

step 5: bring the glass of mezcal, tequila or rum close to the candle to attract good energies.

Step 6: Light the incense with a match to promote a harmonious and positive environment.

Step 7: Now light the candle with another match and pray an Our Father. Ask the universe or celestial beings that August be a prosperous month for you in whatever you need.

step 8: when the candle is finished take the bills out of the jar, dry them and buy food to bring you abundance. Dispose of mezcal, rum or tequila outside your home.

Mhoni Seer recommended to close the ritual, every day light a stick of incense scented with sandalwood, coconut or cinnamon and pray the prayer of your choice. Likewise, she said that it is preferable that the head of the household does it, be it the mother, father or the pillar on whom the household is supported.

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