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Ritual of coins and lemon to get fast money

When you need luck to get quick money and pay your bills, debts or meet an economic commitment, The ritual of the coins and the lemon is one of the simplest and most effective.

Lemon is one of the favorite elements of esoterics for its spiritual properties. It is said that simply by carrying it in your pocket it becomes a powerful protective amulet against bad energy.

If you pass it all over your body, it absorbs the evil eye and the bad vibes from your aura, similar to the effect caused by cleaning with an egg.

Through this ritual we will tune your energy with that of moneyso you can attract economic prosperity in times of greatest urgency.

How to do the ritual of coins and lemon?

For this powerful ritual you will need 3 fresh green lemons, a cinnamon stick, 7 current coins of the same denomination, a glass container, a piece of white paper, and a green or blue ink pen.

On the piece of paper, write down your full name, date and place of birth, then fold it in four and place it under the glass container.

Put the coins in and add water until it is full. Now introduce the 3 lemons and the cinnamon stick. Put this container near the front door of your house; This step is important because the ritual works like a charm that attracts money. If you do not want anyone to see it, you can place it in your room.

You should renew the lemons, cinnamon and water once a week so that it does not lose its effectiveness and attract money. If you notice that the water has a white layer or the lemons turn yellow or brown before the month, repeat the ritual using the same coins. As a last suggestion, do not leave the ritual for more than 3 months, after that time, use the coins to buy food, Mystic Tarot commented in a video he posted on his YouTube channel.

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