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Ritual: how to use oregano to attract money and luck

Oregano is one of the most common spices in the kitchen. We use it to flavor exquisite dishes, for example, Mexican pozole, Italian sauces and stews. It is such a versatile plant that it practically fits with all the gastronomic styles of the world. ButDid you know that it is also very powerful to attract luck and money?

The spiritual properties of oregano consist of being a repellent for things that we do not want in our lives, that is, it opens the paths to be prosperous and abundant by removing the obstacles that prevent us from moving forward. That is why it is very powerful to attract luck and money.

With this ritual that we present to you below, your luck can change quickly and it is only enough to go to your kitchen and look for this condiment to start attracting money into your life.

Ritual with oregano for luck and money

In addition to oregano, you will need a white piece of paper, laurel, a pen and your wallet.

Step 1: write on the white sheet of paper your desires associated with money. For example, you can put “that they raise my salary” or “that I never need money”.

Step 2: rub your hands to generate heat and then take the bay leaf. Place it on top of the sheet with your wishes.

Step 3: take a handful of oregano and spread it on the leaf where the laurel is. This procedure, as explained by the Wapa.pe site, is to eliminate bad energy.

Step 4: Fold the paper so it doesn’t spill over the sides and put it in your wallet.

You must have this leaf as an amulet and you will notice how your luck will begin to change gradually. Just remember to do this ritual with a lot of faith to receive the goodness of the universe.

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