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Ringing in the ears? Know 7 spiritual meanings that surround this noise

If you’ve ever had ringing in your ears and you have wondered what it means, there are two ways to explain it. The first is that there may be a physical problem or impairment that medical personnel will need to examine and resolve, while the second is that the universe is giving us notice of something.

And it is that many people believe that when we experience that internal noise it is a spiritual signal that warns us of something that can be a good or bad omen. Although there is no scientific evidence to explain that ringing in the ears is something supernatural or divine, this superstition has persisted through the years, TheChineseZodiac.org explained in an article.

Next, we tell you 7 of the most common spiritual meanings surrounding ringing in the ears.

1. Someone is talking about you

The most popular spiritual meaning of ringing in the ears is that someone is talking about us from a distance, although it is not known if it is for better or for worse.

2. Meaning according to the left or right ear

There are those who believe that when the noise is felt in the left ear it is because you will receive good news or they are speaking well of you, and the opposite for the right ear, indicative of bad news or you are a victim of gossip.

3. An angel rang a bell

The bells of the angels do not ring like the ones we know physically; its sound is spiritual and is reflected through this hum, says the belief. They do it to warn us that evil is coming and we must be alert.

4. Message from your angel

Another angelic explanation says that your angel “rings the doorbell” to give you a message and at that moment you should let yourself be guided by your intuition.

5. Endgame signal

A disturbing spiritual explanation says that it warns about the end of something, which can be a death or the end of an important cycle. It should be emphasized that it is only a belief.

6. Omen of a romance

Contrary to the previous explanation, this one is more cheerful. It is said that when your ears ring and you ask a friend to say a number, it must be associated with a letter of the alphabet to know the beginning of the future sentimental partner.

7. Spiritual awakening

Some believe that it is a divine sign that tells us that our soul aligns with the higher kingdom and begins to be more sensitive to the astral or spiritual field.

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