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Rihanna is expecting a baby again – confirmed after the Super Bowl

Rihanna is expecting her second child with boyfriend ASAP Rocky, the star confirmed after her performance at the Super Bowl on Sunday.

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On Sunday evening, this year’s Super Bowl took place. This time, Rihanna had the honor of appearing at the event – and took the opportunity to reveal some happy news.

Rihanna: “It’s important for my son to see this”

Rihanna had her first child together with boyfriend ASAP Rocky in May 2022. Now she is expecting a child again, something she hinted about during her performance when she put one hand on her stomach.

Later, a representative for the star confirmed that she is indeed pregnant again, it reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Rihanna was first asked to perform at the sporting event only three months after the birth of her son.

“I said, ‘Are you sure? I had a baby three months ago. Should I be making such big decisions right now? I might regret this,’” she said in an interview on Sunday.

It was finally her little son who made her decide to do it:

“When you become a mother, something happens that makes you feel like you can take on the world – you can do anything. And the Super Bowl is one of the biggest stages in the world, so even though it was scary… it’s an exciting challenge. It is important for my son to see this.”

The fans: “Will never get a new album”

No sooner had the news of Rihanna’s pregnancy been released than fans started tweeting about what it all could mean for her music career, specifically the prospect of a new album.

Rihanna’s latest album Anti came out in 2016, and the collective conclusion seems to be that it will likely be a while before the star releases any new music.

One user commented on this by posting a gif of a crying man and the words:

“Me when I realize Rihanna is pregnant again and we’re never going to get another album.”

“Rihanna is pregnant again. ASAP Rocky can’t get away with this,” writes another user.

“Anti was really her last [album] and the first step is acceptance,” a third person tweeted.

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