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Rickard Sjöberg ready for Let’s Dance 2023

Rickard Sjöberg is ready for Let’s Dance 2023, it says The evening paper. “It’s entirely possible that I won’t make it at all,” he tells the newspaper.

Photo: TV4

Med Richard Sjöberg is one of Sweden’s most experienced and well-known presenters, but dancing is something that he does not count among his skills. Nevertheless, he decided to perform in Let’s Dance 2023, this after being asked for the third time. Initially it was a no this time too – but his wife Annika made him change his mind:

“I [åkte] home to my wife and then she said: ‘Rickard, you have written a book called Dare to be brave and then you can’t say no to this. Drive like hell,’” he says.

“Maybe a dancer lives in me”

According to Sjöberg himself, he is “completely useless at dancing”. He says that he does not feel well on the dance floor, but feels “big and clumsy”.

At the same time, he does not rule out that his participation in the program could bring out a hidden dance talent:

“Since I accepted, I have seen these very beautiful images in my mind of how I fly forward on a dance floor and create something really beautiful. So maybe there’s a dancer living in me, you never know.”

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