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Ricardo Salinas Pliego mocked ‘Tuca’ Ferreti and celebrated Mazatlán’s first victory in the MX League

Ricardo Ferretti laments during the match between Mazatlán FC and Cruz Azul.

Photo: Eduardo Resendiz / Imago7

In recent days the figure of Ricardo Salinas Pliego and Mazatlán have been in the public arena. After getting his first victory of the 2023 Closing Tournament of the MX League last Friday against Cruz Azul, the businessman celebrated in style by mocking ‘Tuca’ Ferretti.

After the 3-1 victory at the ‘El Kraken’ Football Stadium, the owner went to his official Twitter account, where he is quite active, and shared a video in which a song alluding to the new Cruz Azul coach is heard.

In the writing that accompanied the 18-second clip, Salinas wrote part of the improvised song that echoed in “El Kraken.” “Let’s dance with the Tuca, let’s dance with the nazo, let’s dance with the Tuca, Tuca, Tuca, Tucanazo,” he wrote between laughs.

In the subsequent interactions, the TV Azteca duel was dedicated to mocking the defeat of Cruz Azul, which he described as “the classic” cruzazuleada. Ricardo ‘Tuca’ Ferretti got his first defeat as coach of ‘La Máquina Cementera’ in this Clausura 2023 Tournament.

For its part, Mazatlán achieved the first victory after 10 days. However, ‘Los Cañeros’ continue to be bottom of the general table and have only been able to obtain four points out of 21 possible. They accumulate a draw, a win and seven losses.

Salinas euphoric on social networks

The owner of Mazatlán also revealed a second bet with the team after the first against Pumas de la UNAM did not go well. Don Ricardo promised to return to his players the two golf carts that he managed to win in the first coin toss if they scored two goals.

“3-1, I already owe them a golf cart… if they had played like that last Friday they would have taken $6,000,000 pesos ($330,000 dollars). It starts with something, we are going to turn it around… patience and persistence. Let’s hope they keep it up,” she wrote.

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