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Ricardo Salinas Pliego fought on social networks with ESPN commentator Fernando Palomo

Ricardo Salinas Pliego during a Mazatlán match.

Photo: Sergio Mejia/Getty Images

After the controversy a few days ago on Twitter with the ESPN journalist, David Faitelson, Ricardo Salinas Pliego attacked the commentator Fernando Palomo, who criticized him for the bet that the owner made with the Mazatlán players.

A few days ago the businessman published a bet he made with his players. In the event that they won against Pumas de la UNAM, they would receive a large sum of money, but if it did not happen, the soccer players had to pay.

This measure was questioned by the Salvadoran commentator on his official Twitter account. “A new installment of the Latin American equipment owner’s manual. They are so poor that they only offer money,” he wrote.

Quickly and true to his controversial personality, Salinas quoted the tweet to answer Palomo harshly. “There is a lot pending** like this, who because they are commentators see themselves as experts, players, technical directors and even team owners… they live by criticizing everything. They don’t know how to do anything, they complain about everything but they eat and support their offspring thanks to owners like me”.

This grab had a strong impact and divided opinions among Internet users. Some supported Faitelson’s partner and others sided with the Mazatlán owner, who interacted with some users and continued to disqualify Palomo.

“They do not stay or eat thanks to owners like you, he only told you the truth, you should better change the strategy, because it is very mediocre that the only thing you have to offer is money,” replied a person on Twitter to which Salinas replied: “Of course, even if it hurts.”

Another user noted that the well-known commentator was of Salvadoran nationality, “his hunger ached and he was envy for money.” This statement had a brief response from the Mexican businessman. “Rightly so,” he wrote.

Despite the commitment to seek to encourage Mazatlán, the squad ended up giving in to Pumas and accumulates only one point out of 18 possible in nine days of the 2023 Closing Tournament of the MX League.

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