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Ricardo Peláez attacks the Mexican Football Federation and considers that internally it is a “mess”

Ricardo Peláez was the sports director of Chivas de Guadalajara.

Photo: Sandra Bautista / Imago7

In the last few hours, the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) took an unexpected turn. When it seemed that the bases were beginning to consolidate in the face of the new process of Mexican soccer, Yon de Luisa decided to step aside as president of the FMF. The lack of continuity and the constant changes within the federation had its first detractor: Ricardo Pelaez.

The former sports director of Chivas de Guadalajara questioned the disorganization in the federative entities of Mexican soccer. Yon de Luisa is responsible for starting a new process with Diego Cocca on the bench, but in May of this year he will not be in the presidency to support him.

“When you come from a failure like what happened in the World Cup you expect things to change for the better, that we organize ourselves to improve and it turns out that everything turns out worse as it was“Peláez told TUDN.

The former director of the Sacred Flock described a worrying present from an institutional point of view. Even, Peláez described the problems of order within the Mexican Football Federation as “mess.”

we are worse than ever, that we do not agree, that we cannot organize ourselves and we cannot manage a community among all of us. It’s hard. On the microphone side, it’s easier to question things when we don’t have information, we start to speculate about things. Unfortunately my conclusion is that this is a mess“he added.

Yon de Luisa, through the federal entity, reported the decision not to run for the federation elections for the period from 2023 to 2026.

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