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Ricardo Ferretti sets his conditions to direct the Mexican National Team

The Tuca is among the options of the FMF.

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There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the Mexican National Team. El Tri failed in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and this hastened the departure of Gerardo Martino from his position. More than a month has passed and the Aztec team has not found a new coach. Ricardo Ferretti applied, but he has some ideas in mind for the development of Mexican soccer.

I am willing (to be the coach of Mexico). For years I was the coach that most people wanted I was the national coach. For having a contract with a team, Tigres, I always rejected it. Now I don’t have a team I have no contract with anyone. And if they propose it to me, I would be delighted and agree”, said Ferretti in an interview with ESPN.

The fact that “Tuca” has raised his hand to direct El Tri is a great advance. On previous occasions the Brazilian has refused this opportunity, but this time the motivation is on the table.

Ferretti’s conditions

Unlike many of the nominated candidates, Ricardo Ferretti already gave his first impressions about his hypothetical process within the Mexican National Team. One of the first demands of “Tuca” would have to do with the level of El Tri’s rivals for the next friendly matches.

“All the teams have commitments and naturally Mexico would seek to have the best international matchesbut many times it cannot be given because the other teams are already committed and pThat’s why many games are made in the United States“, he explained.

On the other hand, the Brazilian strategist considers it profitable take the Mexican team out of their comfort zone and propose duels outside Aztec and American lands. Ferretti’s plans are based on the on the way to the 2026 World Cup, tournament in which they will not have competitive filming for being hosts of the cup.

“But the ideal would beInstead of playing in the United States against Paraguay, for example, playing against Paraguay in Paraguay, against Argentina in Argentina. Because the more we go out, the more we will have the opportunity to progress (…) Without a tie, the games that are being prepared they would have to be of a higher level so that we could find out about the players that we can prepare for the World Cup”, he concluded.

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