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RG issuance date: what is it?

There are documents that are requested in our daily lives, along with some information such as the date of issuance of the RG. Even if it is frequent, some people are in doubt when they are going to fill out a form or someone asks what the RG issuance date is.

In order to help you not to go through this situation again, we will explain where you can check the RG issue date.

What this article covers:

What is the issuance date of the RG?

In some situation in your life, someone requested the RG issuance date and you didn’t know where to check it. RG issuance date is the day, month and year in which your RG was issued.

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To identify the RG issue date, take your ID and turn it over. On the back, you will see “date of dispatch” written next to the general registration numbers. This is your RG issue date. Because it is written in a different way, many people are confused.

What is the issuing body of the RG?

In addition to the RG issuance date, the issuing body of your general registration is also requested.
It’s on the front, above your photo and right thumb. This document is issued by the Secretariat of Public Security, contained in each state. But, this is not the only option.

It can be issued by other agencies, depending on the state in which you reside. It can be, Civil Registry, Secretary of Justice and Citizenship, Secretary of State for the Civil Houseand among others, it is also possible to issue the identity in citizenship actions carried out by public bodies such as the Public Ministry.

What is the validity date of the ID?

Unlike the RG that is issued before the age of 18, after age the RG issuance date shows the date the new one was made, but does not have an expiration date.

What is the expiry date of the ID
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However, it is possible to make a new one if you have lost yours or want to make a new one because it is in poor condition.

Know that the value of the second copy is charged, only in some situations that it does not apply such as: people who declared themselves poor, men who are over 65 years old, women over 60 years old, unemployed for a period longer than 3 months, typing error verified within 90 days, if it is stolen or damaged by some natural phenomenon (catastrophe) confirmed by an incident report.

What is the photo of the RG?

The General Registry is a photo document that has an ID issue date and other important information about the individual. Currently, the photo that is inserted into your document is taken on the fly. Its format is 3×4. To be well aligned, the person needs to maintain posture, look in the direction of the camera and keep their head straight.

The person responsible for taking the photo will indicate where to sit to take the photo. It will have a white wall or a white banner, that way you will be the center of the image. When sitting, he will give you directions on how to position yourself.

In some cases, they show and let you choose if it’s good or not. So decide if you want to take another one. However, it is not always so.

At this point, you already know how to locate the date of issue of the RG and how the photo for your document is taken. If you have a friend or family member with the same question as you, share this article.

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