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Reykon reaches 36 years totally in love

The Colombian singer already has more than 15 years of musical career / SiriusXM

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Andrés Felipe Robledo, better known as “Reykon” celebrates his 36 years very much in love.

And it is that the Colombian model and influencer Luisa Castro caught and stole this singer’s heart.

the beginning

To talk about Reykon’s career, we have to go back to 2006, when he began his artistic stage, when he formed a duet with “Music Man”. Robledo began with the name of Mike Cortez.

“Bandit”, “See you again”, “Wishing us”, They were one of his first songs. The following year he adopted the name “Reykon”, with which he would rise to fame.

He launched as a soloist in 2008, he joined an organization of Colombian reggaeton singers, called “Universidad De La Calle”. Artists like J Balvin, Yelsid, among others, were part of it.

A year later he would shine with the songs “Señorita” and “He goes crazy”the latter together with J Balvin, which helped him catapult himself as a great artist in the coffee country.

His first tours started in 2010 with the release of his album called “El líder”. A couple of years later this album was followed up with “El líder 2”.

He was the first Colombian artist to record with Daddy Yankeeone of the greatest figures of the urban genre.

For 2015 he stamped his signature with the discography Warner Music Latin, and it was another song with Daddy Yankee, “Imaginándote” that made him reach heaven. It was positioned on the Billboard Latin Songs and Monitor Latino charts in his native country.

in 2018 Reykon released his third compilation album, referred to once again as “The Leader”. Luigi 21 Plus, Nicky Jam and an old friend, Daddy Yankee, participated there.

Current affairs and sentimental situation

Reykon is currently Totally in love with Luisa CastroLately they had been seen interacting on social networks continuously, which began to raise suspicions.

On the Colombian’s birthday, the influencer revealed that she received an unexpected gift from her current partner. This confirmed that was in a romantic relationship.

It was a brown jacket and Jordan shoes. “Groom’s Gifts”was the caption.

Several weeks after this, both “tortolos” were seen sharing in a luxurious restaurant, confirming once again that they walked together.

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