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Rey Grupero stars in confrontation in the House of Celebrities | VIDEO

The House of the Famous It continues to get very hot in this third edition, because there is everything, romances, kisses, screams and some fights. This time it was the Group Kingwho starred in a confrontation with one of his companions.

And it is that a fragment of when he lost his composure to face one of his companions went viral on social networks. The moment left the other participants in complete shock, as even the drivers decided to remain silent to find out what was happening.

When the reality show “La Casa de los Famosos” had a special broadcast because one of the participants decided to voluntarily leave the competition just a week after the third season began.

Just when all the participants were gathered in the room, Rey Grupero began to argue with Raúl García. The moment generated a lot of tension between those present and the conductors of the contest.

on television cameras Rey Grupero is seen facing Raúl García, who looks extremely baffled by what is happening. Despite the fact that the other participants ask them to calm down, the influencer continued with his challenging attitude.

“Don’t take courage for the rules. I am not afraid of anything or anyone. You can’t fool people. You’re a screaming liar“, Rey Grupero tells Raúl García in front of everyone.

Despite the constant attacks launched by the content creator, Raúl García limited himself to saying that people knew who he was and he was aware of the life he had led. The other companions remained expectant and tried to calm down the celebrities.

As expected, the fight between Rey Grupero and Raúl García stole the spotlight in the recent broadcast of “La Casa de los Famosos” Well, some said that the influencer took a reprehensible attitude, others simply argued that it was part of the show.

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