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Rey Grupero cut Juan Rivera’s hair in La Casa de Los Famosos 3 and the tangana was assembled

Juan Rivera, brother of Jenni Rivera.

Photo: Archive / Diego Gallegos / Reform Agency

Now it is true that the tangana was armed. Juan Rivera and Rey Grupero had a “pull and shrink” in La Casa de Los Famosos for a haircut carelessly There is no doubt that in the reality show of Telemundo things are getting hot.

Jenny Rivera’s brother, JuanI was taking a nap on the couch when Group Kingformer leader of the group of celebrities that make up the third season of LCDLF, wanted to play a prank on him and He shaved the hair of the singer and producer of the Mexican regional.

Of course, waking up and realizing that was virtually unrecognizable, Juan Rivera ran out to look for the influencer and ex of Cynthia Klitbo throughout La Casa de Los Famosos 3 to make him pay for the audacity he had. It is not a secret to anyone that Chiquis Rivera’s uncle He takes great care of his appearance.

“Who was it?” Rivera asked. Immediately, they answered him: “The King”. Lupillo Rivera’s brother was really upset and that made the daughter of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., Nicole Chavezshe entered a kind of nervous breakdown: “I don’t like aggressiveness in the game”, while she cried and was consoled by some of her teammates.

Juan looked at himself in the bathroom mirror and said he couldn’t believe it, but according to the TV show Today everything was planned. They affirm that it was part of a joke by this pair that we already know are one of the loudest at the moment in The House of the Famous.

A few weeks ago, Juan Rivera had just accepted in La Casa de Los Famosos that he and Rey Grupero were going to have differences at any moment: “I already saw why people said we were going to collide, because we are both very explosive.” He also told her to always talk face to face to avoid problems in the show. Apparently this is not being fully implemented.

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