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Revolutionary and safe charging with Unisync’s car charger

Among all the popular tech gadgets on the market, the car charger is a popular favorite for many. It’s a convenient and easy way to charge your phone, especially if you’re on the move.

Since the first car chargers were introduced, information has circulated in various forums that they would not be good for either the car’s battery or the batteries in our mobile phones. However, experts claim that in most cases car chargers do not harm batteries and that the most important thing that consumers should think about is choosing good and safe car chargers. If you wish to preserve the lifespan of your technology gadgets, it is therefore important not to buy cheap chargers of inferior quality. By choosing better products, you thus reduce the risk of electrical damage that can actually damage batteries.

A revolutionary and safer choice

In step with development, more and more safe car chargers have been launched, and one that stands out and that we had the privilege of testing is Unisync’s new car charger Dual USB-C/A 72W. The charger is undoubtedly a revolutionary and safer choice if compared to many other car chargers sold in Sweden.

To understand why this particular product stands out, we need to look back to 2013 and the year Unisync launched its first products. The company’s mission is to elevate mobile and computer accessories to a higher level, especially in performance, safety, durability and design.

According to Unisynk, they work actively to develop and control the electronics inside the products while adding innovative and smart functions. Of course, design is an important component of marketing, which makes the products stand out in terms of appearance as well.

Behind the development are engineers with over 25 years of experience in technical innovation, with a particular focus on consumer electronics and industrial electronics. Today, Unisync’s range consists of charging products, cables, data accessories, computer chargers, USB-C hubs, mobile phone holders and audio.

A small product with many features

But what is it then that makes Unisync’s car charger Dual USB-C/A 72W so special? Just like their previous products, the new car charger also has a Swedish industrial design that comes in two colors – gray and black. However, it’s not just the design that stands out. The primary and perhaps most surprising feature is that the charger consists of two ports (1 x USB-C port, and 1 x USB-A port). Users can thus charge two devices at the same time, which makes it entirely possible to charge both mobile phones and laptops in vehicles with cigarette lighter sockets. This unique car charger is also equipped for extreme climates, making the charger an ideal technology gadget that fits both in warmer climates as well as freezing winters.

Security system

As we touched on earlier regarding safety, Unisync’s car charger is one of the few on the market that has a heat management system. The system thus ensures powerful charging while minimizing the risk of overheating and damage to the car’s battery. As an added feature, Unisync has also included a colored LED ring to help users keep tabs on the health of the car battery. If the LED ring indicates white color, it means the battery is full. Yellow color shows that the level is low, and red that the battery is empty.

Fast charging with support for two devices

The car charger is a fast charger with support for 72W charging (USB-C 60W and USB-A 12W). The charger supports PD2.0, PD3.0 and BC1.2. The maximum charging speed for devices that do not support PD (quick charging technology) is 12W. The device you are charging will therefore only use as much power as it actually needs.

Charging, warranty and lifespan

If we look at the safety aspects further, Unisync’s car charger works equally well in both cars and trucks thanks to the extended voltage protection. It works fine to charge phones, tablets, laptops but also other devices that we had the opportunity to test. The car charger is also built to last 100,000 hours of constant use and comes with a five-year warranty, which is also unique if we compare other similar products.

Unisync’s car charger Dual USB-C/A 72W is already available in the market and can be bought both online and in stores. In addition to the company’s own online store, the product is also sold by Elgiganten, Kjell, Autoexperten, Clas Ohlson, CD ON and many more. The price averages around SEK 500.

Good to know

The future of cigarette lighter sockets is debated, but the fact remains that the sockets are still there even in newer car models, for example the Mercedes Benz EQS. The USB-C/A sockets that some cars are already equipped with have a limited capacity of 12 to 15W, which makes charging very slow. If there is a cigarette lighter socket, it is therefore possible to get faster charging with Unisynk’s Dual USB-C/A 72W as a supplement to the existing USB ports.


  • Developed in Sweden
  • Five year warranty
  • Safety features
  • Design
  • Charging speed

Improvement potential

  • Depending on the vehicle and model, the cigarette lighter sockets can be located in different places, sometimes completely hidden. Therefore, beeps/warning sounds may be added in future models, indicating the health of the car battery.

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