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Retrograde Mercury in Taurus 2023: which signs are the most impacted

Mercury will turn retrograde on April 21 in Taurus and it will be entered directly again until May 14, during this time we will all feel its chaotic effects, but if you are Taurus, Gemini, Virgo or Scorpio get ready because their impact will be greateraccording to astrology predictions.

Mercury’s pre-retrograde shadow began on April 7which means that gradually the level of confusion began to increase and will peak as we get closer to Friday the 21st.

Mercury is the planet that governs the way we express ourselves, communication and technology, when it is retrograde it affects these issues and we notice it in situations such as delays in all forms, our sayings cause confusion and we do not think as we normally do; our mental process is slower and we act like this accordingly.

Because Taurus is an earth sign ruled by Venus.this retrograde will have a deeper impact on luxury, love, stability, self-esteem, and a sense of control. What should the signs most impacted by Mercury retrograde in April 2023 expect?

Because Mercury will be retrograde in this sign, you will become the most impacted by this transit. What he will feel as a result is that he will have a distorted version of himself, especially when he seeks approval from other people. Although it will be an interpersonal communication crisis, it is a good time to pause and analyze decisions, StyleCaster.com recommended in an article.

Being the ruling planet of Gemini, Mercury retrograde always has a special effect on this sign, they say. Although it does not mean that your life will turn into chaos, it does cause a different vision with respect to your normal life. It is possible that you feel unusually introverted because it will cause you to immerse yourself in your inner world, in this way, it will be time to heal pending issues.

The same thing that happens to Gemini to Virgo, the other sign that Mercury rules, but the difference is that it will encourage him to rediscover the truth of things that he considered forgotten. It is possible that during this retrograde transit he will find a broader meaning of what he has been searching for.

Retrograde Mercury will speed up the process of finding a balance between your personal and collective affairs, but not towards a good conclusion. The path will become somewhat rocky and you could encounter conflicts and misunderstandings. The good news is that once Mercury turns direct the drama will dissolve and everything will be seen more clearly.

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