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Retrograde Mars in Gemini ends this week: what changes will each sign feel?

The year began in the midst of one of the most dramatic retrogrades for astrology. Mars began its retrogression on October 30, 2022, causing our energy and desire to act to be diminished, but things will change drastically this Thursday, January 12, when this uncomfortable transit ends.

Retrograde planets happen when they appear to be moving backwards in their orbit. From our perspective on Earth, it gives the impression that it goes backwards in the zodiac and triggers certain effects depending on the planet that retrogrades and the sign where it does so.

When a planet ends its retrograde and recovers its normal advance, it is called direct, as in this case, on January 12, 2023 Mars will turn direct in Gemini. What will happen to your sign from that moment on? Read on to find out.

You may feel that you can take the necessary steps to make your ideas come to life. He will keep himself quite busy and will be able to maintain this rhythm for the next few weeks, augured Astrology Answers in his horoscope.

You will see clearly what things made you feel stuck and you will be able to take action on the matter to move forward. The horoscope predicts that you will have constant growth that will help you feel more secure and confident.

When Mars turns direct in your sign, you will be able to control your energy, find inspiration and take action to turn what you have thought into reality. The time has come to take the initiative and have a new approach for the coming years.

Your sign will not feel big changes when Mars turns direct, according to Astrology Answers, you will experience the transformation until March 25, when the red planet enters your sign. Until then, focus on making plans.

You will once again have the drive to turn your dreams and desires into reality. You will maximize your methods, have another approach and think outside the box.

As of Thursday, your sign will have more clarity to see the direction in which it is going. It’s the perfect time to modify your plans and move on.

New opportunities will come to live rewarding experiences. Expect to see new places and learn things that were not in your budget. Your sign will now be able to focus on the positive aspects.

Your sign will feel more empowered to take control. With planning you can have positive transformations.

You will be able to find balance again in regards to your relationships, this means that you will prioritize those people who bring harmony to your life. If you were looking for a moment to commit, this is the ideal one.

Once Mars Direct begins, you will be able to focus better to find a balance between work and personal life. Capricorn must remember that breaks are necessary during work hours.

When Mars ends its retrograde it will be a time of liberation where you can find opportunities to relax and have fun. Your energy will be in tune with the love you have in your heart.

You will feel safe enough to start whatever you want. It will be easier for you to channel your energies to achieve what you want.

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