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Retirement for those who discounted less than 10 years: find out if it’s possible

Is there a reform for those who discounted less than 10 years? What are the access conditions? Clarify your doubts.

THE retirement for those who discounted less than 10 years it’s possible. However, this benefit has its own conditions of access and a lower value than the pensions paid to those who discounted it for a longer period.

In order to access the old-age pension, it is necessary to meet requirements related to the contributory career (period in which you made discounts) and age. There are also cases in which it is possible to request early retirement or, if there is incapacity or illness, pension of disability.

In 2023, access to the old-age pension is given to people aged 18 or over. 66 years and 4 months who have paid Social Security for at least 15 years. That is, they fulfilled the so-called warranty period.

The exception is the Voluntary Social Security Beneficiaries, who must have 144 months with contributions paid.

Even so, and so that no one is completely unprotected in old age, there is a reform for those who cashed out for less time.

Access to retirement for those who counted less than 10 years

The pension for those who paid less than 10 years is the social old-age pension. That is, it is still a cash benefit, paid monthly, but it is intended for those who do not meet the conditions to be entitled to an old-age pension.

So, if you haven’t cashed or cashed for less than 15 years, you can apply for this benefit.

As with the normal pension, you must have reached 66 years and 4 months, the statutory retirement age in 2023.

What are the attribution conditions?

In addition to age, it is also necessary that these people are not covered by any social protection scheme. Or, if they are, they have not fulfilled the warranty period.

The value of the income is another condition for granting retirement to those who discounted less than 10 years. If the person lives alone, gross monthly income must be equal to or less than €192.17. Being a couple, the value rises to €384.34. These values ​​are based on the Social Support Index (IAS), which in 2023 is €480.43.

If income exceeds the limits, there is a reduction in the amount of the pension by the amount corresponding to the excess.

In addition to national citizens residing in Portugal, this pension is also intended for foreigners residing in Portugal. The condition is that they are covered by Community Social Security regulations or by the international Social Security instruments in force in Portugal.

What is the value?

The social old-age pension has a monthly amount of €213.91. To this value is added the Extraordinary Solidarity Supplement (CES), which does not need to be requested, being paid automatically with the pension. The value of this supplement depends on the age of the beneficiary:

  • €18.62 – up to 70 years old;
  • €37.23 – from 70 years old. It is paid from the month following the one in which you turn 70.

In July and December, the social old-age pension payment is doubled.

It is also possible to accumulate this pension with:

You cannot accumulate this benefit with the disability pension or the social benefit for inclusion.

How to count the years of discounts?

If you have doubts about the discount period to find out if you are entitled to disability pension or retirement for those who discounted less than 10 years, just calculate the guarantee periods.

Counting is done as follows:

  • Until December 31, 1993: each 12-month period corresponds to a calendar year.
  • As of January 1, 1994: Each set of 120 remuneration days is counted as a calendar year.

Even if you have different calendar years in your records with less than 120 days of discounts, you can accumulate these days until you complete a calendar year.

To complete the guarantee period, it is also possible to add non-overlapping contribution periods in other national or foreign social protection schemes. However, you must have at least one calendar year with a record of remuneration under the general regime.

What to do to get?

You can apply for retirement for those who have used Social Security services for less than 10 years. The maximum response time after the request is 90 days.

You will have to deliver request Mod.RP5002-DGSS and also bring identification documents (yours and your spouse’s), as well as the IRS statement. If you have real estate, you must present a document proving the value of the properties you own.

Article originally published in July 2019. Last updated in December 2023.

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