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Retired working: what are the rights?

The retiree who works has all the rights that a common worker has, in addition to receiving benefits such as the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS), among others that can help him even with the retirement he receives.

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Are there retirees who work?

Yes, it is possible that retirees can work as permitted by law, and in this case, both the retiree by length of service and by age have the full right to work. There is no impediment for retirees to exercise their professions.

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Is this allowed?

This even occurs for statutory public servants, who can work as long as they have a different occupation than they had before retiring. It will be possible for private companies to hire them, in addition to the possibility that these public servants will pass another public tender to work in a different position.

It will only be prohibited for the retiree to work if he has requested retirement due to disability, as it is not allowed to work with a formal contract, nor independently. The person becomes considered unfit to perform any activity, so be aware that if you do work in this condition, you may lose your right to receive the benefit.

Unlike disability retirees, special retirees can work with a formal contract as long as they do not perform functions that could put their lives and health at risk at work.

What are the rights of the retiree who works?

Retirees who continue to work even after retiring from the INSS, may be entitled to take a vacation, have a 44-hour workday, in addition to having the opportunity to receive deposits from the FGTS13th salary, receive payments for overtime, among other benefits that non-retired workers usually receive.

The retiree will have all the rights of an ordinary worker, but there will be the need to make monthly contributions to Social Security, in addition to not being able to have the opportunity to receive any other benefit other than the retirement itself.

It is important to mention that if the retiree, for some reason, gets sick and needs sick pay, he will not be able to receive it because he has another benefit, which in this case, would be specifically retirement. In this case, the retiree must remain at home to rehabilitate, and will only receive the retirement.

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