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Retailers offer financial services to their customers

More and more people are looking for ease and greater attractiveness when selling and buying. And, for that very reason, small retailers have started to offer financial services to their customers, by joining this worldwide trend of digital financial services.

What was something aimed only at large companies, today becomes a possibility for small companies, in the region of Brás, in SP, which brings flexibility and a greater range of possibilities to the retailer and the consumer. Learn more in the topics below.

What this article covers:

What is “fintechization” of the retail sector?

It is important to first understand the term “fintech”, which is the combination of two words in English that, in Portuguese, mean finance + technology. These are startups working to optimize financial services.

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The “fintechization” of the retail sector is precisely this sector in the quest to expand its portfolio of financial services, by increasingly offering something accessible, fast and efficient to the final public.

How is this process done?

It is not the retail company itself that creates these banking mechanisms. To do so, it is necessary to have an outsourced consultancy that offers financial services according to what the company needs and that will become attractive to the end customer.

Despite not being a bank, the company can offer some services of this nature and even connect to banks, which provides greater convenience and allows for customer loyalty.

This process is happening strongly all over the world, it is a worldwide trend, however, it has a very strong appeal, at the moment, in the region of Brás, in Sao Paulo?? Who even want to offer credits to customers.

Consultants seek to understand the business public in this region, seeking to identify their needs. For this, they even create an exclusive form of credit analysis relevant to this region, with the intention of creating specific opportunities, which serve both the retailer and the consultants.

Many of these retailers couldn’t get credit, it didn’t seem interesting to the most conservative financial model. This specific consulting look allows them to go through a process of technological evolution.

The creation of digital financial services is booming and, according to experts, there is no turning back.

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