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rest in the quiet of the Alentejo at the foot of the Alqueva

Monsaraz is a land of wine, but also of historical, archaeological and natural heritage. The heartbeat of Alentejo in all its splendour.

everyone knows Reguengos de Monsaraz. Almost everyone knows, further ahead, and bordering the Alqueva, the village of Monsaraz. A journey to the heart of Alentejo, where good wines and excellent cuisine come together with an absolutely overwhelming landscape.

Also known as Ninho das Águias, the fortified village has a few hundred inhabitants and is essentially a pedestrian village, with only two main streets.

Walk its paths, explore its heritage and even venture out on the magnificent river beach of Monsaraz.

Monsaraz: 7 main points of interest


River Beach of Monsaraz

The Alqueva reservoir radically changed the landscape of the region

This beach is in the Nautical Center of Monsaraz, in an inland area. This is the first river beach in the Alqueva reservoir. Its characteristics earned it the Blue Flag award, collected since 2017. It was also Praia + Acessível 2017 and its infrastructures speak for themselves. It can therefore be considered a beach for everyone, without exception, as it offers more than enough conditions for everyone to feel good and safe.


Castle of the Village of Monsaraz

The village’s castle was built in the 14th century, by order of D. Dinis. However, later it was transformed into a bullring, hosting the village festival annually, as well as concerts, among other events.

Furthermore, this is another incredible viewpoint, in this case over the reservoir of the Alqueva dam, an immense lake 80km long.


church of san antonio

The church of Santo António deserves a visit. It dates back to the 19th century and was built by António José Dias da Silva. It is 10 minutes towards Largo da Fonte Nova.

20km from the village of Monsaraz is Herdade do Esporão. With 700 hectares, this is one of the largest wineries in Portugal. At Quinta da Herdade, you can taste wines and find out everything about their wine and olive oil production.

Within the estate, there is also the Torre de Esporão, a tower dating from the 15th century and ordered to be erected by Dom Álvaro Mendes de Vasconcelos. Nearby there is an ancient olive tree that forms part of the 80 hectares of olive trees.


Alqueva Lake Observatory

About 5 minutes away from the village is the Observatório do Alqueva Lakewhere at dusk you can be guided by the polar star, discover a series of constellations and learn various legends.

Monsaraz Castle
The ancient and towering castle of Monsaraz

15 kilometers from the village of Monsaraz is this unique winery, which uses giant clay amphorae to carry out an ancient and extremely rare method of fermentation, inherited from the Romans over two thousand years ago. It is really worth knowing this ancient technique.

The Monsaraz region was an important center of megalithic culture, with several vestiges of dolmens (temples or covered tombs), menhirs (standing stones) and stone circles. From the village, it is possible to follow a circuit that passes through these 4 examples.

  • Sherry Cromlech: The closest vestige of Monsaraz is 1.5 km below the village. The Cromlech of Xerez is a square of 49 granite stones and, in the center, exhibits one four meters high. This would be a place for Neolithic fertility rites.
  • Menhir of Bulhoa: The Bulhoa Menhir is also part of the route and, in this case, you will find a five meter high stone, visible from the road.
  • Valentine’s Rock: The Rocha dos Namorados is a large mushroom-shaped stone, used for thousands of years in fertility rituals, hence its name.
  • Tapirs of Olival da Pega: Anta do Olival da Pega is a 4,000-year-old dolmen located in a grove of olive trees.

Where to sleep and eat in Reguengos de Monsaraz?

tower of monsaraz
There is no lack of traces of ancient occupations in Monsaraz

Inn of Monsaraz

THE Monsara Innz is located in Largo São Bartolomeu, outside the walls, but still close enough to the village. Its rooms stand out for their comfort and it has a garden and swimming pool available.

Mount Alert

For those looking for rural tourism accommodation, the Mount Alertin Telheiro, is about 2 km from Monsaraz, and in addition to comfortable rooms, swimming pool and gardens, there is a spa.


There are some restaurants and cafes around the village, such as Santiago, with outdoor terrace. THE oven house and the mayor are other options to taste the best Alentejo meat specialties such as roast lamb, pork and migas, at friendly and affordable prices.

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