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rest by the great lake of Gerês

Caniçada, in Gerês, is ideal for relaxing moments. And there is no shortage of attractions to get to know the great lung of Portugal in depth.

If you are thinking of a relaxing walk to the heckfind out what you can visit in Gerês and its surroundings, for a few days of rest and adrenaline well spent.

As you will see, there is a bit of everything to discover. waterfallsrivers, mountains, churchesamusements, there really is a lot to see and do in the immediate vicinity of this large lake in the only national park in the country.

So, pick up the pad and start taking note of everything you really have to visit in Caniçada and surrounding areas and make the most of this destination full of natural and cultural charms that you must discover and explore.

Caniçada in Gerês: 7 must-see attractions


Sao Bento da Porta Aberta

The Sanctuary of São Bento da Porta Aberta is a Catholic sanctuary, located in Terras de Bouro. The current construction dates back to the end of the 19th century and its name is due to the fact that the chapel always has its doors open, serving as a shelter for travellers.

Annually, it receives 2.5 million pilgrims, being the second largest Portuguese sanctuary, just after Fátima.


The only national park in the country

The Peneda-Gerês National Park is a cluster of natural and cultural attractions. Visit villages, mountains, rivers and waterfalls, making the most of the beautiful landscapes.

The fauna and flora of this park are very rich and accompanied by monuments, stories and traditions that are worth getting to know. It is also the only national park in mainland Portugal.

The Pedra Bela Viewpoint, in Terras de Bouro, is about 800 meters above sea level. This is one of the most popular places in Gerês and it’s easy to see why.

The mountains, the Caniçada dam, the rivers (the confluence of the Cávado river with the Caldo river), the vegetation, Portela do Homem are just some of the attractions of the surrounding landscape that can be seen from this viewpoint.

Many villages in Gerês still preserve traces of the past

This waterfall, also known as Fecha de Barbas, is a great place to visit and enjoy nature in all its fullness. However, caution is advised, as it also poses some dangers.

Therefore, follow the signs that indicate how to access it and make sure you wear the right footwear and are in good physical condition to make the journey.

And as there is no shortage of waterfalls in Gerês, this is another one that you can discover, with the advantage that accessibility is better than the previous one.

The water is clear, the scenery is beautiful and it is a true illustrated postcard that is worth photographing to remember later.

Ruins of Vilarinho da Furna in Gerês

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Speaking now of material and historical heritage, Castelo de Lanhoso or Castelo da Póvoa de Lanhoso is one of the most imposing Portuguese monuments, having received around 100,000 visitors in 10 years. This is a medieval castle, in Romanesque and Gothic style.


Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Abbey

The Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da Abadia, in Amares, is a Marian sanctuary from the 18th century. Its façade is imposing and the interior has three naves, separated by full-length arcades, supported by Tuscan columns.

In the side aisles, there are several altars, well decorated and preserved. The main altar is dazzling and beautiful with its gilded carving and images. There is also an organ from the end of the 18th century in the sanctuary.

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