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Residential Elevator Prices

When the subject is residential elevators, there are four different types to choose from and the advantages are many. The main difference lies in their operating mechanism. The most relevant factors that influence the value of an elevator are, as already mentioned, its mechanism and also the size that restricts its capacity.

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Residential Elevator Prices

Types of Elevators

You “hydraulic elevators” were ranked as the safest option when it comes to residential elevators. It is also one of the most reliable in emergency situations, thanks to its excellent earthquake and fireproofing capabilities.

You “pneumatic residential elevators” are known to be very noisy. They come with their own crane, so you don’t need an engine room. They use a vacuum suction system for transportation in the elevator cabin between floors.

Its carrying capacity is limited, allowing it to carry only two people at a time. But due to the absence of the machine room, its installation cost is much lower than the hydraulic variety.

You “home counterweight elevators”: also known as the electric elevator is operated by counterweights that keep the elevator car suspended on an axis. This type of residential elevators do not use oil.

Their suspension system makes these residential elevators less safe, especially during earthquakes. Experts generally advise against using residential counterweight elevators in earthquake prone areas because their suspension system makes them prone to accidents.

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Elevator Materials

You residential elevators they can be made of different materials such as stainless steel, laminate, formica and even wood.

Having an elevator at home is not synonymous with luxury, it is synonymous with practicality and health prevention. In houses or apartments where the feature was not designed in the plan, it is necessary to evaluate where to install the elevator and consider using a stairlift, at half the price.

Elevators with the latest materials and contemporary design, specialists estimate that the equipment values ​​a property by up to 20% of its market value. And architects prove that it does not interfere with the interior proposal. The minimum space, he adds, must accommodate a wheelchair and a companion, respecting the surroundings for the movement of passengers in and out.

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Residential Elevator Prices

At Homelift Elevators, the prices vary from R$23,000 to R$35,000, depending on the number of stops and cabin size. The equipment does not use a well or a machine room. But for this to happen, there needs to be a recess of 20 cm on the first floor and a minimum ceiling height of 2.80 m on the top floor.

In other companies, you can find elevators with vertical lifting platform, electric and hydraulic, residential, conventional and cargo elevators, from R$ 25,000.00

Check home elevator prices from a variety of companies to ensure you get the best price, as these vary greatly depending on models and functions.

Don’t waste any more time or get tired climbing stairs, install a residential elevator in your home and enjoy all the comfort they offer, but don’t forget that you will pay a high cost for this convenience, but who said it won’t be worth it?

It is worth remembering that the prices mentioned above may change according to the company’s policy.

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