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Replying with Gifs on Reddit is now free • ENTER.CO

It is now possible to reply for free with Gifs on Reddit. This was the last update made by the social network that seeks to release several of the most popular functions so that they can be used by everyone. This change in the social network occurred after an assessment by the directors who decided that some features of Powerups should be released.

This means that any subreddit that is safe for work and not quarantined can enable Gifs in comments. Most of the Gifs can be obtained from the Giphy collection and therefore it will not be entirely free for many. Nevertheless, Giphy has a wide collection of animated options available to choose from. The goal of Reddit administrators is that these features are widely available to all users. Previously, GIF comments could be made through Powerups, Reddit’s version of Discord’s Boosts server. Other Powerups included special styling options for paid subreddit followers, custom emojis, and support for 1080p video.

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The goal of the social network is to phase out paid subscriptions for several of the features, however some Powerup benefits will continue even if it removes the paid community subscription component. For now, it’s not planned that 1080p video support will be free of charge. Responding with Gifs, as well as personalized emojis, proved to be one of the most requested on the social network, however, the fun of its use was trapped by the payment portal. Reddit’s change in payment features is not new, several social networks have made similar changes in the past. The Discord-like community benefits proposed by Reddit didn’t take off as they’d hoped, so their best bet was to tweak features and let the community try out new ideas.

Image: by Brett Jordan at unsplash.com

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