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Replacement of the Bolsa Família Program will have a significant increase until the end of next year

The Auxílio Brasil will replace the BF (Bolsa Família) and will have an average increase of 20% in total expenses, seeking to deliver an aid of at least R$ 400.00. The auxiliary benefit is estimated to be paid during the year 2022, but it has been difficult to define the source of funds to support the program, which has been fomenting heated debate.

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What is the amount promised in the Brazil Aid until the end of 2022?

The amount that Jair Bolsonaro promised with the Auxílio Brasil benefit would be R$ 400.00 until the end of 2022, but João Roma, current minister of citizenship, has not yet confirmed it, stating that the amount would cause the budget ceiling to be exceeded and that it is still not known where they would get the money to pay for a benefit of such value.

The idea is that the benefit is transitory, precisely to reduce the financial damage that families have been suffering from the pandemic crisis. In addition, it would serve to equalize values, since Bolsa Família has different payment ranges.

The President, Jair Bolsonaro, reaffirmed several times that the aid will be worth more than R$ 400.00, but he has not yet explained where he will get the resource, whose calculation exceeds the ceiling of the spending budget, and we must take into account that its total value will be 20% larger than the Bolsa Família program, which will no longer exist.

Where does the resource for the program that replaces Bolsa Família come from?

Due to the difficulty of delivering the R$400 ticket without exceeding the budget ceiling, discuss the possible sources of funding, where so far no official answer has been given as to the source of funding. Despite this, Minister Roma says that he will not pay for such expenses with extraordinary resources.

The most likely sources so far are: through the PEC of Precatories, which will give rise to the tax cap and income tax reform projects. The two are currently under debate in Congress.

For many analysts, aid with a higher value, disregarding the tax ceiling, is an electoral measure on the part of the president. Wanting to offset the possible impact on its popularity with the withdrawal of Emergency Aid.

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