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Renowned Soccer Player Turned Down $120,000 Offer From Competitor OnlyFans

Alisha Lehmann during an Aston Villa match.

Photo: Gareth Copley/Getty Images

The renowned Swiss player for Aston Villa in the women’s Premier League, Alisha Lehmann, had the luxury of rejecting an offer of more than $100,000 dollars from an exclusive content platform, a competition from the giant OnlyFans.

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, the soccer player declined an offer of $120,000 from a page called MyClub, which is dedicated to disseminating exclusive content for adults. Apparently, the intention was that Lehmann was the image of the brand.

However, the offer did not include Alisha undressing. Instead, she did seek to capture her “attention with her beauty” from her. The proposal also stood out for allocating 50% of the profits to promote the growth of women’s soccer in the player’s home country.

On this matter, the vice president of the company, Mike Ford, even spoke in a statement. “Given his growing legion of fans, which will only increase as the World Cup approaches, MyClub wants to make him an offer. You can post training photos and personally answer fan questions and not have to deal with people in your direct messages 24/7.”

Alisha Lehmann is also an icon off the pitch thanks to her successful media exposure on social networks, where she has accumulated more than 20 million followers, 12 of them on Instagram and 6.7 on TikTok.

The 24-year-old figure is currently in a relationship with soccer player Douglas Luiz and caused a stir due to some hot publications on networks.

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