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Renowned Mexican wrestler was arrested for alleged gender violence

El Hijo del Santo competes against Blue Demon Jr. in London.

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The renowned Mexican wrestler ‘Cuatrero’ was arrested by the police authorities in the Aztec town of Aguascalientes due to an alleged episode of gender violence. The fighter would have been transferred to a detention center while awaiting the reading of charges against him.

However, according to the chain ESPN, close sources assured that the alleged crimes are still unknown. The reason for the capture was given by a complaint that weighed on the fighter. The fact was confirmed by the World Wrestling Council through a statement. Apparently, the alleged victim would be the fighter Stephanie Vaquer.

“At the World Wrestling Council we join the solidarity, support and respect that, towards Stephanie Vaquer, has been shown by fans and the media,” the CMLL began in the letter published on social networks.

In the second part of the statement, the agency condemned the act and was willing to be a promoter to promote “a life free of violence and harassment.”

“We ask the fans and the media for their support and respect for Stephanie Vaquer in these difficult times, in addition to being prudent and respectful until she makes the corresponding public statements,” they concluded.

At the moment, no more details are known about this fact and it is expected that the Mexican justice system will hold the hearing where the charges against “Cuatrero” and possible precautionary measures will be known.

According to what was reported by ESPN, the wrestler’s defense spoke out publicly before the arrest and took refuge in Mexico’s Magna Carta to highlight the principle of presumption of innocence. Weeks ago, the organization Lucha Libre AAA recognized the existence of the complaint against ‘Cuatrero’.

“Because today, various media specialized in the sport of wrestling, made publications stating that the wrestler Cuatrero committed violence against Mrs. Stephanie Vaquer, it is noteworthy that the Political Constitution of The United Mexican States recognizes the right to the presumption of innocence”, they indicated.

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